Online Homebuyer Education

What is eHome America?eHome America Online Homebuyer Education

HomeSmartNY and eHome America are partnering together to provide to provide online homebuyer education to first time home buyers across New York State. Customers take a 3-5 hour online course through eHome America and on completion, follow up with an hour of one-on-one homeownership counseling with a participating HomeSmartNY member housing counseling agency. Counseling can be completed in-person or by phone and is available in all regions of the state. Customers will receive a certificate of completion after meeting with a housing counselor. Meeting with a counselor is a crucial part of homebuyer education, as they can help you find out if you qualify for grants in your area.

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Why take online homebuyer education?

  • Take the course 24/7 at your own time – no need to wait for a workshop that fits your schedule.
  • Learn strategies and tips that will help you make smart decisions and save money.
  • Six course modules take you throughout the home buying process and how to protect your investment.
  • Interactive worksheets help you create budgets and savings sheets, and find out how much house you can afford.
  • Connect with homeownership counselors who can help you apply for grants and assistance programs in your area.

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