Nationwide Mortgage Collaborative Joins 2017 HomeSmartNY Annual Statewide Conference

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September 28, 2017: Mortgage Origination Platform with Gabe del Rio and Lupe Hernandez, Nationwide Mortgage Collaborative
Individual nonprofit providers can generate a sufficient volume of mortgage originations to cover costs or to garner the attention of the mortgage lending industry. By aggregating loan originations, the NMC will be able to ensure consistency of loan quality, standardize loan processing and underwriting, and bundle loans for interested CRA lenders or for sale to the secondary market. Local nonprofit providers will provide the sourcing, home buyer education and counseling, initial processing and document collection, and other consumer-facing services, for a standardized fee set.

Importantly, the NMC platform accommodates the full range of mortgage products and down payment assistance programs used locally, reflecting the diversity of market needs across the nation.

Join us atPower through Partnership: HomeSmartNY 2017 Annual Statewide Conference and Awards Dinner on September 27-28, 2017 at the DoubleTree Schenectady to learn more about partnering with Nationwide Mortgage Collaborative. HomeSmartNY – Power Through Partnerships! Register at!