5 Reasons to Take Online Homebuyer Education

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1. Educated homebuyers are successful homebuyers. Studies have shown that pre-purchase education and counseling reduces the likelihood of delinquency by a third.

2.  The always-online class always fits your schedule. Are you only free in the middle of the night? No problem.

3. Learn from the comfort of your home. Save on travel and childcare expenses.

4. Get instant feedback. Quizzes after every module make sure that you’re learning. If you’re not ready to move on, you can retake tests, go back and review content, or take a look at resources like the homebuying glossary.

5 . After you’ve learned the basics of buying a home, you can dive into the details with a homeownership advisor. They’ll help you develop a budget or savings plan, and see if you qualify for local down payment assistance programs, closing cost assistance programs, or grants.

Be smart about buying a home – take our online homebuyer education course through eHome America, or meet with a homeownership advisor near you.